CA651-1.0-Main-250×250 (1) CA651-1.0-Main-250×250 (1)
CA651-1.3-Inforgraphics-Step-23-250×250 CA651-1.3-Inforgraphics-Step-23-250×250
CA651-1.2-Inforgraphics-Step-1-250×250 CA651-1.2-Inforgraphics-Step-1-250×250
CA651-1.5-Star-NEW-250×250 CA651-1.5-Star-NEW-250×250
CA651-1.6-Deer-NEW-250×250 CA651-1.6-Deer-NEW-250×250
CA651-1.7-TeetherMirror-NEW-250×250 CA651-1.7-TeetherMirror-NEW-250×250

Double Sided Car Arch

Unicorn Activity Center

+0 Months

Two stage activity center with plush toys for rear-seated babies. High contract black & white illustrations for early stages and vibrant colorful side with loads of entertainment and fun to keep baby happy in the car.
Includes squeaking noises by batting the deer, Dazzle effect Star and a peek-a-boo mirror with acorn teether. The arch and toys position can be adjusted according to baby’s growth, development and preferences.


+0 Months

Care Instructions

Spot Clean Only

Product Dimensions

(cm) 36×31.5; (inches) 14.17×12.4