Booster-Closed-Left-250×250 Booster-Closed-Left-250×250
Booster-Open-grey-left-250×250 Booster-Open-grey-left-250×250
Booster-Closed-Left-th Booster-Closed-Left-th
BO-513-Infographics–250×250 BO-513-Infographics–250×250
BO513-4-Package-1-250×250 BO513-4-Package-1-250×250
BO513_baby-grey–250×250 BO513_baby-grey–250×250
BO513_INSIDE-Grey-Right-250×250 BO513_INSIDE-Grey-Right-250×250
BO513_Mom-Baby_R-grey-124×200 BO513_Mom-Baby_R-grey-124×200
BO513_Mommy-Baby_grey-250×250 BO513_Mommy-Baby_grey-250×250
Booster-Front-grey-250×250 Booster-Front-grey-250×250
Booster-Open-with-Straps-250×250 Booster-Open-with-Straps-250×250

YummiGo Collection

On-the-Go Booster & Storage Case

A must-have for on-the-go dining with a baby or toddler! NOW with protective hard side bars! This 3in1 lightweight portable booster seat doubles up as a storage space for your child’s daily essentials and acts as a trendy fashionable travel bag when the seat is closed.You’ll love the simple set-up, cleanup, portability and safety while your child will love sitting at the table like one of the grownups!If you would rather use it at home – this booster seat is a great space saver!


9-36 Months

Product Dimensions

(cm): 31.6x30x13.5; (inches): 12.4×11.8×5.3

Care Instructions

Wipe clean with a damp cloth