BM704_Front BM704_Front
BM – 1.3 – Remote BM – 1.3 – Remote
BM704 – 1.2 – Baby reflection in mirror BM704 – 1.2 – Baby reflection in mirror
BM704 – 1.4 – Night View BM704 – 1.4 – Night View
BM704 – 1.5 – Position BM704 – 1.5 – Position
BM710 – 1.8 – EXMP BM710 – 1.8 – EXMP

Active Baby Car Mirror


+0 Months


Don’t worry! Remote activated Oly Baby Car Mirror has got you covered! The wide-angle view mirror gives you a quick & easy view of baby while baby enjoys Oly’s companionship with lots of sensory surprises including 4 melodies and 4 white noises, Dazzling Ears and cute blinking eyes and smile. Crash tested and simple to install, Oly will effortlessly transform stressful trips with a protesting infant into peaceful journeys for you, baby and the whole family. Don’t leave home without Oly.



Convex mirror allowing you to safely check on your rear seated child from various wide angles while driving

Remote enables you to control the volume and lights & music while driving safely

4 melodies + 4 white noises to sooth and entertain your baby.

Auto shut-off after 10 minutes of no car movement– saving battery power

Interactive face – blinks and lights up

Lightweight, compact with a fun fresh design

Benbat’s Dazzle Effect included in the ears that allows natural light to shine through and create fascinating light & color effects to keep baby happy and entertained.

Multiple easy and quick attachment options

Suitable for cars with adjustable headrest only

Crash Tested
*Batteries are not included



Product Dimensions

(cm): 25.6×29.8×8; (inches): 10×11.7×3.1

Care Instructions

User Manual

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