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Everywhere Organizer

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This travel accessory will help you stay organized! Our practical multipurpose Everywhere Organizer keeps all your baby’s essentials within reach while on-the-go. Its smart design with easy access hooks lets mom and child hook 2 different essentials to it: favorite toy, pacifier, blanket and more. For some extra fun, the clacking hooks is the perfect entertainment for your child while on-the-go!



2 hooks hold baby’s favorite essentials close by for easy access.

Helps build baby’s coordination and strength

Easy and quick attachment anywhere: stroller, diaper bag, handbag, etc.)

Clacking hooks for amusement

Easy installation

Fits all strollers, bouncers, trampolines, prams, diaper bags, handbags etc.



Product Dimensions

(cm): 53.5; (inches): 21.06

Care Instructions