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Extra Large Sunshade

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The Dazzle Car Sunshade has been specially designed to create a colorful environment and loads of engagement for your baby while on-the-go. Natural daylight creates fascinating textures through colorful bubbles that visually stimulate your child’s senses. Although the mesh material protects your child from the sun, it filters out light without restricting the view allowing for maximum safety.  A must-have product for a fun and entertaining drive.



Extra Wide size to cover most of the car window
(45x52cm / 16.5×20.5 in)

Protects your little ones from sun glare and heat in both summer and winter.

Filters light without restricting the view

Easily Attaches to car window frame

Stimulates senses through Dazzle Effect

Can be folded in half using Velcro while connected to the window allowing older kids to enjoy the view.



Product Dimensions

(cm): 45×52; (inches): 17.7×20.5

Care Instructions

User Manual

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