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Double Sided Baby Book

Forest Fun

+0 Months


Colorful two-stage Book that stimulates vision and encourages tummy-time to use in pram, crib or as a floor toy from birth. Stands up alone, lays flat or tied. Color side is full of exciting colors and tactile activities to boost developmental skills. Easily folds and carried anywhere when on-the-go.



Black & White Side – Stage 1:
– High contrast images for early development
– Features a large peek-a-boo mirror for tummy time
encouragement and emotional intelligence

Color side – Stage 2+3:

High contrast colored images to stimulate baby’s sight and enrich visual stimulation, Crinkly leaf, Dazzle effect Star and a Crinkly fox tale.

Plush cloud play pocket encourages gross motor skills

Crinkly textured fox tail and Crinkly tree promotes baby’s senses

Tactile ribbons develops fine motor skills

Easy to fold and have on-the-go

Stands up alone, lays flat or tied.



Care Instructions

Product Dimensions

(cm) 84.5x16x2; (inches) 33.2×6.3×0.8