TS288 – 1.0 – Main TS288 – 1.0 – Main
TS288 – 1.7 – Back Side TS288 – 1.7 – Back Side
TS288 – 1.0A – Main TS288 – 1.0A – Main
TS288 – 1.8 – Product in Stroller TS288 – 1.8 – Product in Stroller
TS288- 1.1 – In Car Seat TS288- 1.1 – In Car Seat
TS288 -1.5- Newborn TS288 -1.5- Newborn
TS288 – 1.6 – BB Happy Baby TS288 – 1.6 – BB Happy Baby

Total Body Support


+0 Months


This 3-in-1 ergonomic body hugger provides soft, snuggly support where infants need it the most – head, neck and back– with the added capacity to adapt to baby’s growing body.



Total body support for the baby’s fragile, head, neck and back for ideal posture

Detachable and adjustable head support that follows your baby’s growth & development

Inner rattles to stimulate and amuse your baby

Headrest can be used alone or with the body support part

2-IN-1 – Reversible material for winter & summer:

Front side made of a special soft plush material suitable for Winter use

Backside made of a softer summer material.

Pacifier holder provides easier access

The design enables year-round seasonal with reversible sides for summer or winter use.

Holds baby snug and secure in an infant seat, bassinet, stroller, bouncer or in your arms.

Suitable for most harness systems and easily transferable when changing car seats.



Product Dimensions

(cm): 60x46x3; (inches): 12.8x9x3.9

Care Instructions